Feature of the Month September 2004

Shadow Weave

The background for this month's web pages is a four harness shadow weave pattern that was developed during the Spring 2004 shadow weave study group. The three-dimensional effect of shadow weave is emphasized by leaving out incidentals that are often added to balance the threading blocks. This creates an effect where the light appears to come from one direction and the shadow shows up opposite the lighted side of the shapes. The draft for this background is shown below, or may be downloaded as a .wif file by right clicking here and choosing "Save target as..."

This draft is threaded and tied up using the Powell method. If you would like to learn more about shadow weave, you may download the following Microsoft Word documents (if your computer does not support Word, please email us and we will try to supply the documents in a format you can access):

  1. The Atwater Method
  2. The Powell Method
  3. Understanding Shadow Weave Tie-Ups